Thin Cuticle Leaf Litter Subscription Bundle

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These are thin / soft cuticle leaves. These can be: willow oak, white oak, black oak, maple, beech, hickory, etc. The grade you choose to have delivered will determine which leaves we use. 

For example, if you choose A grade subscription, you will always receive A grade leaves such as A grade willow oak, white oak, beech, or pin oak. Alternatively, if you choose C grade subscription, you will always receive C grade leaves such as C grade willow oak, burr oak, swamp white oak, and hickory.

Leaves are from pesticide / herbicide free locations. Fully desiccated

Leaf litter is useful for dart frogs for hiding, preventing stress, and even egg-laying sites. It is useful for many other organisms as well, especially Isopods. These leaves are thinner than most commercially available leaf litter, and decay moderately quickly in a vivarium.

FrogDaddy leaf grades:

AAA - Pristine, High Quality Leaves. These are display tank / exhibit quality. They are always fully cleaned / sterilized and contain 0 breaks or imperfections pre-shipment. We rarely have these leaves available.

A - High quality leaves. Thick cuticle of these types are cleaned and sterilized. Thin cuticle are meticulously sorted for purity. These are the “standard” leaves we sell.

B - Leaves with imperfections, breaks, and minor debris. Thick cuticle leaves are still cleaned and sterilized. Thin cuticle leaves are sorted but contain higher amounts of debris than A - grade.

C - Leaves with some breaks and tears. Some have many imperfections. Thick cuticle leaves are not cleaned or sterilized; they are simply sorted. Thin cuticle leaves may be dirty, and are sorted but done so quickly and may contain large amounts of debris.

D - Leaves with many breaks and imperfections; the lowest grade. These leaves are harvested and shipped without regard to sorting or cleaning. We strongly recommend either only using these with invertebrates or boiling / cleaning yourself.

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