FrogDaddy GreenGO Movement

FrogDaddy cares about the's who we are! Running a retail operation not only produces a lot of environmental waste, but it also puts a huge strain on natural resources. We are committed to making a difference, and it starts with us. 

Our GreenGO movement promises the following:

2021 Pledge:

  • Reuse ALL plastics for fruit flies, isopods, etc, for our personal (not customer sale) collection by safely sanitizing with environmentally friendly products.
  • Convert 80-90% of lights to long lasting LED.
  • Use more than 50% recycled material for packaging
  • Use more than 80% of [100% recycled boxes]
  • Keep electrical usage to a minimum and begin preparation to use renewable energy.
  • Recycle ALL containers from personal use such as water bottles, soda cans, and paper products, etc at work.