Wet Moss Mix

In this short tutorial, we will describe how to use our wet-mount moss mix



Your hands , distilled water



Spray desired area with water and saturate. Take the moss mix and pour into the cup it comes in, and agitate, preferably with additional distilled water. Fling all over enclosure and keep moist. Spray when finished. Make sure to spray two times a day with RO / distilled water for the first two weeks to acclimate moss mix. Then make sure to spray one time a day until the one month mark. After that, spray tank as normal.


Potential Issues 

 Moss mix varies in consistency, but should be quite watery. Please use entire contents in the same day of arrival, as moss mix expires quickly.  


FrogDaddy’s moss mix is one of a kind, and contains over 20 different types of plants. However, it is based in spoon leaved moss, and therefore will produce mostly spoon leaved moss. Be wary of other plants popping up, as some fern and begonia species can get quite large. However, with efficient pruning, you can “dwarf” or “bonsai” most plants. Be aware that different plants require different moisture levels. 

If the optimal environment is not provided, the moss mix will not grow well. Areas that get too little light or too dry will NOT produce growth, so do not expect it.

Areas that are completely saturated may kill off certain plants in the moss mix, depending on their moisture needs (i.e. maidenhair ferns will die if saturated). 

If you are painting a new tank, make sure that silicone, expandable foam, grout, etc has FULLY cured BEFORE applying. Offgassing will kill live moss and plants.

 If you have any issues with shipping, please take pictures of the packaging for a partial to full refund.