About Us

FrogDaddy LLC was conceptualized by Alex Menke (owner) in 2017. It stemmed from a combination of a central love for poison frogs, the love of teaching, and, well, too many frogs!

In 2017 the original website launched on SquareSpace with 4 products; our fruit flies and our fruit fly media, Magnolia leaves, and springtail food. By 2018, still working alone, I had managed to put up about 200 products and had around 72 enclosures full of poison frogs. By 2019, I teamed up with Bill Newell and combined my 130 enclosures with his 70, and we progressed from an apartment and a rented home into a 10,000 sqft facility located in Bessemer City, NC, where FrogDaddy remains to this day. In 2020, I regained complete ownership of FrogDaddy and Bill headed out to FL. It was a difficult time for the company, and many sacrifices had to be made. I quit teaching in 2020 to pursue FrogDaddy full time, which was one of the scariest moments of my life, but well worth it.

Between 2020 and the current day, we have over 300 enclosures housing 132 unique localities of poison frogs, 4 amazing employees, and a flourishing customer base that we love to call our family. We appreciate every one of you that continually supports our core mission to give back, to preserve our species, and educate new owners of these amazing animals. We hope to serve you well for years to come.