Tad Pool - Medium Green

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Attachment Style

Tad Pools (8.49) come with 1 base unit, 2 inserts, and an attachment type.

We now also sell inserts by themselves, for 3.49 each in case you want or need additional plastic inserts. These DO NOT COME WITH THE UNITS, these are just the single insert pieces. 

Tad Pools are an incredible product made from injection-molded plastic. They are smooth, which can promote breeding. These come in many colors, this one is medium green. Medium green Tad-Pools are best used in tandem with moderately green foliage. They come with inserts that can be used if you are pulling eggs, or simply leave the inserts out if you are not intending on pulling eggs (some Ranitomeya and Oophaga). Recommended for Ranitomeya, Epipedobates, Oophaga, and other small frogs.

Tad Pools come with several attachment types such as soft wires, suction cups, and hard wires.

Soft wires are ideal for attaching to your hardscape or branches and are flexible, allowing for adaptability.

Hard wires are ideal for attaching to your hardscape, especially foam, and propping up in harder substrates, or soft wood.

Suction cups are ideal for glass or acrylic attachments.

We are hoping to offer additional attachments in the future! 

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