Ranitomeya vanzolinii

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Ranitomeya vanzolinii.

Line: Understory Enterprises.

Ranitomeya vanzolinii inhabits the Amazonian forests of Peru and Brazil. They do well in groups, and have limited aggression toward one another. They are less territorial than some other Ranitomeya, such as fantastica. R. vanzolinii usually lay 1-6 eggs on the glass or on vegetation. Tadpoles can be pulled or left to be raised by adults, but may cannibalize if left with other tadpoles in proximity with less-than-adequate food. R. vanzolinii exhibit pair bonding and high biparental care, therefore it is definitely okay to have the frogs take care of their own young. Minor egg eating may occur from rival females. No more than a trio should go in a 10 gallon vertical conversion tank or a 12 x 12 x 18 ExoTerra tank, but we recommend larger enclosures. Please contact us with further questions. 

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