Ranitomeya uakarii "Gold Legged"

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Full Name: Ranitomeya uakarii "Gold Legged".

Line: Understory Enterprises.

IUCN status: Least Concern (LC).

Import / Origin Information: 2016, Understory Enterprises. Other uakarii imports have been placed earlier. 

Native Range: This frog is found throughout the Amazon basin in Peru, western Brazil, Colombia, and central Guyana. 

General Description: A small poison dart frog from the Genus Ranitomeya. This frog is orange with black dorsolateral stripes. Each appendage has mottled gold and bronze reticulation on the dorsum. The ventral region is gold-blue and heavily reticulated. These frogs generally reach around 15mm, which is an average size for Ranitomeya.

Behavior and Breeding: These frogs can usually be found in Bromeliad axils and leaf litter. The egg clutches are usually between 2-10 eggs and are laid on vegetation and in film canisters, but this depends on a variety of factors. The frogs transport tadpoles to nearby water bodies, usually in bromeliads or at vernal pools. Same sex frogs can display some aggression, but are generally passive. Females can eat other female’s eggs, but are generally passive. These frogs do not care for tadpoles, so it is ideal to pull and hand-raise. These frogs can be kept in groups, mainly male-heavy.

Captive Husbandry Information: This frog thrives at temperatures from 65-80 degrees. We have daylight from 6am to 7pm. Humidity is generally kept around 80-90%. Enclosures should be medium to large in size, taking into account a 5-10 gallon / frog rule. We strongly recommend a 20 gallon or 18x24" enclosure for a pair or trio. This species does very well with highly dimensional environments; the bottom of the enclosure with a thick layer of leaf litter, and a variety of plants. Make sure to include various levels of bromeliads, wood, and hiding places.  

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