Rain Stick Premium Misting Nozzle SINGLE 1/4"

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These misting nozzles require more pressure than mistking due to higher water output and force. They must be placed before mistking nozzles if you are misting multiple tanks so that the pressure doesn't get "stolen" as it would if rainsticks are placed further down the line. This ultimately means that if you are using both rainsticks and mistking nozzles you may need to upgrade your pump, rearrange nozzle heads, or figure out a system that works for your project. 
You may need to tighten the end piece (plastic nozzle head) if you're experiencing excessive dripping or  leaking. To do this, we use an adjustable crescent wrench in one hand, and pliers in the other hand. Twist until very tight. If you have any issues please let us know ONLY AFTER reading this information and completing these steps. 
  • 50 micron mist.

  • 1/4" quick connect.

  • Made with high-quality brass and stainless steel. Reinforced to last longer than the competition that use plastic nozzles. 

  • No-drip "ZERO" pressure valve.

  • Compatible with all Mist King systems.

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