Porcellio scaber "Red Calico"

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Porcellio scaber "Red Calico" are very cool scabers, but like calico, only females are the beautiful red calico color; males are gray. These are native to Europe. These isopods have a hard, calcified body. Our isopods are fed Iso-licious Isopod Food 1-2x a week, including our new wet mixes, supplemented with potatoes, squash, carrots, our leaf powder, and a cuttlebone. These isopods enjoy warm temperatures and an occasional misting, but do not do as well in an extremely wet environment. We allow space for a moderate moisture gradient, starting with one side of the enclosure having wet NZ sphagnum moss, the middle being moist and mostly covered with leaf litter and bark, and onto the opposite side being completely dry and covered only with leaf litter. However, like stated above, they are very hardy and survive a variety of environments. This provides the needed space for Isopods to osmoregulate to remain in homeostasis. 

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