Philodendron joepii

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Philodendron joepii is an amazing Philodendron and was a grail plant to many. Now since it has been tissue cultured, it is no longer very expensive. This plant is slower growing. The lobes on this plant will get more intense as it ages. Please be aware that mid-props will have immature foliage and may not be lobed, please be patient! If you would like pictures of exact plants being offered, please email us at

All of our cuttings have adventitious, aerial roots. Our rooted specimens will have at least a few active roots and will be established plants. Our plants are grown in high humidity in terrariums and greenhouses, therefore may need acclimation to the average home humidity / environment. Please contact us for acclimation information if you are not planning to use this plant in a terrarium, greenhouse, or humid room. 


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