Pearcea aff. sprucei

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Pearcea aff sprucei  is a type of Gesneriad native to Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru. It is known for its stunning leaves that have tiny trichomes all across the leaf blade and year-round blooming capabilities. It is adaptable to the vivarium life, and does well in moist, but not wet, conditions. It enjoys high light and does not like standing water on its leaves. It is easily propagated in sphagnum moss. Please note that this species is dramatic, and cuttings need extremely high humidity to make it. They may go completely limp while rooting and look almost dead.

All of our cuttings have adventitious, aerial roots. Our rooted specimens will have at least a few active roots and will be established plants. Our plants are grown in high humidity in terrariums and greenhouses, therefore may need acclimation to the average home humidity / environment. Please contact us for acclimation information if you are not planning to use this plant in a terrarium, greenhouse, or humid room. 


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