Oophaga pumilio "Charco la Pava"

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Oophaga pumilio "Charco la Pava".

Line: Strictly Reptiles Import 2016.


Oophaga pumilio "Charco la Pava" is a beautiful pumilio that often has orange to red speckled body coloration with bright blue legs. They do fine in small groups, but do best as a pair or trio when sexual maturity is reached. The males often have control of 1 to 5 square meters of territory in the wild, so rival males may display aggression for supremacy. They usually lay 3 to 10 eggs on glossy leaves, on glass, or sometimes in leaf litter. Tadpoles must be raised by adults because they feed on infertile eggs from the female. These dart frogs are interesting to many hobbyists because they exhibit biparental care. No more than a trio should go in a 20 gallon vertical conversion tank or a 18 x 24 Exo-terra enclosure. Additional information can be found, of course, through our complimentary Encyclopedia Database: DendroKnow Project.

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