Oophaga histrionica "Blue"

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Oophaga histrionica "Blue".


Unknown Filial Generation.

Oophaga histrionica “Blue” are found in Columbia. These frogs have brilliant blue markings and bronze reticulation. These are large obligate egg feeding frogs. These frogs feed their young with infertile eggs after depositing them in bromeliad axils. Large obligates are best kept in pairs in a minimum terrarium size of 24 x 24 / 18 x 36, but appreciate larger enclosures. These frogs can be difficult to breed, so have patience. The females generally lay clutches of 2-10, and tadpoles can take 120 days or more to morph into froglets, but generally take around 90 days. Pairs usually produce 4-6 offspring per year. Additional information can be found, of course, through our complimentary Encyclopedia Database: DendroKnow Project.

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