Neoregelia "Pimiento"

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Neoregelia Pimiento is a medium to large-sized bromeliad that is perfect for a centerpiece in an 18x24 inch vivarium or larger. They average 14-16 inches or less in diameter when in vivariums, but can reach 20 inches outside of one. This bromeliad is deep red to maroon with intense striations and splotching. High light increases color. Color upon receipt may be duller due to growing in lower light conditions. Bromeliads are epiphytic and will send roots out in order to attach to other plants, rocks, or backgrounds. Bromeliads also hold water in their leaves, providing deposition sites for tadpoles. For this reason, we do not recommend planting this Bromeliad in the substrate; if they are watered from the bottom and top, the core can rot. Many dart frogs, especially Oophaga, rely on these plants (and film canisters in captivity) for breeding. Bromeliads form pups from the mature plant and will clump together. Please add fresh water to your bromeliads at least weekly, and allow them adequate ventilation. If you do not have ventilation, we do not recommend keeping them fully filled with water.


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