Marcgravia sp. Zumba

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Marcgravia sp. Zumba is a beautiful, ornate species of Marcgravia that has a beautiful green  to maroon leaves. Like sensitisii, the new leaves come out red, except Zumba has more intense coloration. The leaves of this plant grow bigger than most Marcgravia, and it is very rare and coveted in the vivarium hobby. It is one of the rarest Marcgravia. These vines appreciate lower light while rooting, and will display high levels of phototropism. They appreciate moderate to high humidity, and do not like water standing on their leaves. We like to root Marcgravia flattened out on sphagnum moss. We keep them in lower light and keep the moss moist but not wet while rooting. We are usually very generous with these portions. Many rooted options have multiple leads.

All of our cuttings have adventitious, aerial roots. Our rooted specimens will have at least a few active roots and will be established plants. Our plants are grown in high humidity in terrariums and greenhouses, therefore may need acclimation to the average home humidity / environment. Please contact us for acclimation information if you are not planning to use this plant in a terrarium, greenhouse, or humid room. 


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