Live Oak Leaves

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Live Oak leaves from pesticide / herbicide free locations.

These leaves are a small and unlike most oak leaves, they have a thick cuticle, making them absolutely excellent for dart frogs. These are the number one leaves that we sell. Only dried, brown leaves will be shipped. If you would like fresh, green leaves, please contact us for availability. 

The cleaning process of live oak is extensive, but very difficult.

  1. We select hard cuticle leaves.

  2. We sort leaves for purity, removing sticks, acorns, other leaves, etc…however, due to the collection process, it is extremely difficult to obtain purity. 

  3. We air dry the leaves on sheet tables with fans.

Leaf litter, especially live oak, is useful for dart frogs for hiding, preventing stress, and even egg-laying sites. Live oak leaves are thicker than most commercially available leaf litter, and decay slowly in a vivarium. The habitat that dart frogs are naturally found in contains a deep layer of leaf litter, so it is important to mimic this inside a vivarium for more naturalistic behavior! 

Live oak is exceptionally useful as a primary leaf layer, in isopod bins, and as a breeding ground for microfauna. These are the preferred leaves of the dart frog hobby.


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