Litoria caerulea - White's Tree Frog - Blue Eyed

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Litoria caerulea - White's Tree Frog - Blue Eyed morph

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This morph has a gorgeous olive color with blue eyes.

Litoria caerulea are native to Australia. These frogs are great for beginners as they eat readily, can be held (with gloves, please!), and can be housed in groups. An 18x18x24 Exo Terra is usually recommended for 1-4 frogs, although, at adulthood, we recommend upgrading to something larger if you have 3 or more frogs. Male frogs at adulthood are quite loud croakers! Females are usually much larger than males. The frogs we sell are well started juveniles and sub adults, all of which are on a staple diet of crickets. We recommend dusting your feeders with Repashy Calcium Plus every feeding, and feeding 3-4 times a week, although you can feed less or more often depending on the needs of your pets.

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