Leaf Chop

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Leaf chop is a very exciting product that, to our knowledge, is only available here at FrogDaddy! Leaf chop comes in 2 sizes: quart and gallon. A 1 gallon bag contains 10+ gallons of cleaned and heat treated leaf litter!

Leaf chop is a coarse-grade form of leaf powder.

This chopped mix is infused with 3-4 types of leaves (both hard cuticle and soft cuticle), and a small amount of food product that will be enjoyed by both isopods and springtails alike.

It has a dual purpose. The first purpose is to create a substrate layer in the tank. Its second purpose is as a supplemental feeder item for all isopods. Please see additional information below.

If using as a substrate layer in a vivarium: Use appropriately via the layering list below. Leaf chop will provide an incredible boost to microfauna populations and will allow for quick nutrient cycling. Replenish under the leaf litter as necessary. 1 gallon will easily fill an 24x24 vivarium while 1 quart will easily fill an 18x18 vivarium if spread thinly and uniformly 

FrogDaddy recommends you layer your new vivarium as follows, from the bottom up:

1. Drainage layer (hydroballs, featherlite, PVC)

2. Substrate Barrier

3. FaunaReady Bioactive / ABG mix

4. Leaf powder 

5. Rapid-breakdown (thin cuticle) leaf litter - maples or oaks.

6. Gradual-breakdown (thick cuticle) leaf litter - magnolia / sea grape.

If using as a food product: Lightly mist (if applicable) the leaf powder after spreading a thin layer across the isopod’s enclosure. This should be done once a month, or as necessary. Leaf chop is much easier to consume and breakdown for nutrient cycling.

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