• Dawn - wake everyone up with a bit of white light and lots of orange tones 

  • Sunrise sun, is coming up, pump up white max out the orange glow, get the plants in the mood for growing

  • Day now we're talking. Blast full sun for several hrs, get the amazing growth whether you're growing aquatic plants, orchids, broms or mosses. You will not believe what they will do under full 6500K high intensity light

  • Sunset Let the plants naturally wind down for the night, let the habitat start slowing down naturally

  • Night want few hrs of moon light ? Turn off white, orange, green and yellow LEDs and just put a shimmer of blue. Observe your nocturnal animals come to life, or just enjoy the cool look of your aquarium/vivarium

NOTE: Remember, you can adjust every one of the 5 modes to your liking, you can run each mode for as long as you want too! Want your sunrise last 5 min or 3 hrs, no problems?  



  • Multi-function Remote - control all function of the light with the included remote. Switch between lighting modes. Interrupt the daily program and hit Day setting while you do maintenance. Program all the modes with a touch of a button.

  • LIGHTNING STORM MODE - want to impress your friends ? Kick on the LIGHTNING mode and turn your vivarium or aquarium into a stormy frenzy. Lightning can be sped up or slowed down too, so if you're impatient press (+) on the remote and increase frequency of lightning strikes. (-) will slow things down.

  • CLOUD MOVEMENT - ever wanted to simulate natural movement of clouds in your vivarium/aquarium ? Press COLOR on the remote and watch the light turn down intensity, color and brighten up, dim down as the clouds roll through in front of the sun. It's a really cool effect that may send shivers down your spine the first time you see it - it did for us ! Again, hit (+) or (-) on the remote to speed up or slow down the effect.


This light is already super cool, but you are probably wondering - How would this work on multiple tanks? I want to have Sunrise in all my tanks at the same time. I want to switch between all the modes with single remote and control all the lights. I want clouds to roll in all the tanks at the same time...OOOOH ! Now that's a cool effect!!! Worry not! You can take a standard network cable and link multiple lights together. Link unlimited numbers of them! Set one light to "MASTER MODE" and set the rest to "SLAVE" mode and a single remote will run all your lights. Sunrise in all the tanks at the same time! You only program 1 light and the rest follows the program of the master light.