Isopod Starter Kit

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15 QT latching tote single ventilation hole pre-installed

1 gallon FaunaBoost substrate

5 oz Iso-licious Protein Plus food in shaker (we will have other options soon!)

1/2 gallon of willow oak leaves

½ gallon of magnolia or sea grape leaves

2 Magnolia seed pods

1 Lotus head seed pod

1 tropical pea pod*

1-2 Small Bark Slab(s)

You may order up to 3 different kinds of isopods / small invertebrates and it will ship in the same box. Ordering more than 3 kinds of isopods / small invertebrates, or any other item in your cart, and you will receive two boxes from your order, as this kit takes up an entire 18x12x8 box.

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