Indian Almond Leaves - XL

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Indian Almond Leaves from pesticide / herbicide free locations. These are large leaves, usually between 7 - 12 inches long, but some are even larger! Fully dried before shipping. The leaves are dark brown in color when fully dried. Only dried, brown leaves will be shipped.

Leaf litter is useful for dart frogs for hiding, preventing stress, and even egg-laying sites. Indian Almond leaves are used for tadpole tea and provide anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties when used with tadpoles, fish, or invertebrates. These leaves are easily broken into pieces for ease of adding into tadpole cups, aquariums, etc.

The habitat that dart frogs are naturally found in contains a deep layer of leaf litter, so it is important to mimic this inside a vivarium for more naturalistic behavior! Adding Indian Almond leaves to an enclosure is always a great idea, as its antimicrobial properties can protect sensitive species, such as Phyllobates, from diseases such as foot rot.

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