Horticultural Charcoal

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(1/2 - 3/4 in) Horticultural Grade BioChar Charcoal.

Recommended uses:

1. Soil amendment for horticultural mixes / vivarium substrates. Promotes drainage and aids in odor control.

2. Springtail culture medium. Set up instructions below: 

Recommended processing and setup:

  • Evenly rinse charcoal over a sink, gently shaking and turning the charcoal so that all dust is removed from all pieces. This is easily done in a strainer.

  • Douse with RO water and let drain.

  • Transfer charcoal to a large bin / tub if making a master culture, or a smaller container if making a feeder culture or culture to sell.

  • Transfer springtails from an old culture using the method of your choice.

  • Fill your container 1/3 with RO water. Water may already be present if you used another master culture to seed current culture.

  • Sprinkle Spring-Load Springtail food on top of culture, wait 3-5 days and repeat.



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