Full Froglet Grow-Out Kit - Extra Large Deli Round (190 oz)

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This kit comes with:

1: Extra Large Deli Round (190oz) Perfect for housing up to 3-4 small juvenile froglets. Punched for ventilation (small holes).

1: Small clump Sphagnum moss (in with pennywort)

1-2: Hydrocotlye sp (Pennywort) plant

1: Calcium clay deep dish springtail culture

1/4 gallon FaunaReady substrate (preloaded with springtails and dwarf Isopods!)

1/6 gallon Live oak leaf litter

2-3 Sea grape leaves / Magnolia leaves

Picture 1: All components

Picture 2: Newly completed deli round

Picture 3: 2-4 month old deli round


Begin by unpacking all supplies and double check that each item is present.

Dump FaunaReady (dirt substrate) into the bin and mist until evenly moist. Lightly spread around, being careful not to hurt the Isopods or springtails present in the mix. 

Dump Live oak leaf litter into the deli round on top of the FaunaReady (dirt).

Make a crater in the center and place deep dish calcium springtail culture in the depression.

Take out Sphagnum moss (may be included with pennywort) and the pennywort plants and wrap a portion of the plant's roots in the moss, then water thoroughly. (see second picture).

Place sea grape leaves evenly to partially cover springtail culture and most of the live oak (this is for hiding places)

Recommended inhabitants by age / and Genus:

Ranitomeya, Oophaga (small obligates, not large obligates), Epipedobates: 1-5 individuals between 1-5 months old, 1-3 individuals 6+ months old.

Phyllobates, Oophaga (large obligates), Dendrobates, Ameerega: 1-4 individuals between 1-4 months old, 1-3 individuals 5-6 months old, 1-2 individuals 7+ months old. 

We strongly recommend larger enclosures for any frog over 5-6 months old. 

You will feed springtails and fruit flies to froglets depending on type and age. Dump 80% of the food or so into the deep dish culture when you go to feed your froglets, and happy frogging!


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