FrogDaddy FloraBoost Tropical Vivarium Substrate

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FrogDaddy's version of tropical substrate inspired from the Atlanta Botanical Garden mix. This mix is not identical to ABG mix, because it does not contain South American Tree Fern Fiber. However, this mix performs equivalently in terms of drainage and moisture retention due to increases in horticultural charcoal and fine fir bark. It contains: organic peat moss, premium long strand milled New Zealand sphagnum moss (SpagMoss Brand), orchiata coarse grade, fine fir bark, and more horticultural grade charcoal than standard ABG (to promote more drainage). This mix has been optimized for drainage but retains moisture.

This is a great mix for vivariums and terrariums, but is also a superb mix for most indoor tropicals.

Note: Pictured 1:1“Ratio” is used for aesthetic purposes and is not representative of the true ratio in this substrate mix

Note: Picture is old mixture and will be updated as soon as possible. We will remove this message when we have completed this task.

Moisten FloraBoost substrate mix before adding to the vivarium. Our FloraBoost is partitioned accurately to deliver superior drainage and moisture retention. This mix is perfect for your naturalistic vivaria or bioactive environment and contains premium-grade ingredients such as horticultural charcoal and orchiata.

FrogDaddy recommends you layer your new vivarium as follows, from the bottom up:

1. Drainage layer (hydroballs, GrowStone, PVC)

2. Substrate Barrier

3. FaunaReady Bioactive / FloraBoost mix

4. Rapid-breakdown (thin cuticle) leaf litter - willow oak / oaks.

5. Gradual-breakdown (thick cuticle) leaf litter - live oak, + magnolia / sea grape.

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