FrogDaddy FaunaBoost Isopod Substrate

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A pre-made bedding / substrate mix for all invertebrate cultures. FaunaBoost can feed Isopods for up to 2 months. This mix is perfect for feeding and breeding, and retains moisture longer than most commercially available mixes. We have one of the highest quality substrates on the market. This substrate works for Isopods, millipedes, and roaches, but is very much optimized for Isopods

Ingredients: Sphagnum peat moss, Orchiata, horticultural charcoal, fine orchid bark, crushed willow oak leaf litter, leaf powder, protein sources, algae sources, worm castings, decayed wood, calcium citrate, calcium carbonate, calcium lime, methylparaben.

Note: Pictured 1:1“Ratio” is not representative of the true ratio in this substrate mix, and is done that way for aesthetic purposes.

Note: Pictures do not reflect current mix. We will remove this notification after we update pictures. Thank you. 

Evenly moisten FaunaBoost substrate if making a temperate or tropical culture. For an arid culture, we recommend keeping this mix dry.

FaunaBoost Isopod Substrate is a premium substrate that contains stable food additives. It is specifically formulated with isopods in mind.

Even though there is a natural mold inhibitor in FaunaBoost, mild molding may occur. Simply rotate substrate and add springtails if needed. Mold is a naturally occurring process in moist environments.

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