Epipedobates tricolor "Cielito"

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Epipedobates tricolor "Cielito".


Unknown filial generation from unrelated parents.

Epipedobates tricolor "Cielito" hail from Ecuador. These frogs are great in groups and have a pleasant, trilling call. These frogs are one of the most beautiful Epipedobates in our opinion. They are very active and bold frogs, making them great for first time owners. Females can sometimes eat opposing female's eggs, and males will establish a hierarchy, so give them plenty of room if you are planning on getting a group. Their natural breeding area in situ is by streams, so water features in the enclosure is a plus. Females will usually lay 10 to 20 eggs on glossy leaves or in film canisters. Males can transport 10+ tadpoles at a time! Please let us know if you have any questions. Additional information can be found, of course, through our complimentary Encyclopedia Database: DendroKnow Project.

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