Dendrobates tinctorius "Giant Orange"

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Dendrobates tinctorius "Giant Orange”.

Line: Nabors.

Unknown filial generation.

Dendrobates tinctorius “Giant Orange” is found in French Guiana and were brought over to the USA from Europe. These frogs can only be housed in groups as juveniles to sub adults, and even then it becomes risky as they near adulthood. Most of the issues arise from female to female aggression. All tinctorius are very territorial, and defend large areas in the wild. Females are aggressive, and fight for dominance over access to males. There has been plenty of empirical evidence of male on female aggression as well, with the female as the aggressor. A trio is the maximum size for a 55-75 gallon tank, but this is usually not advised. Please do not place more than two in one enclosure at adulthood, unless it is a 2.1.0 (two males and one female). As a pair, the female will usually lay 4 to 10 eggs on glossy leaves, but they can have larger clutches. Thick leaves (such as Philodendron, Costus, etc), thick leaf litter (such as magnolia), or a petri dish underneath a coconut hut works well for breeding. Please let us know if you have any questions. Additional information can be found, of course, through our complimentary Encyclopedia Database: DendroKnow Project.

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