Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) wingless culture (PRODUCING) - 32 oz

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A producing culture of D. melanogaster wingless fruit flies. 

This culture is approximately 12-16 days old, and will come with at least (approximately) 150-300 wingless fruit flies packed in FrogDaddy Media. It will continue to produce for another 7 to 14+ days, however, please throw out the culture after 7-10 days to prevent potential mites. Always keep producing cultures away from freshly made cultures. If you are planning on making your own fruit fly cultures, use these producing cultures out of the mail immediately for seeding, then do not seed from them again. These "good practice" tips will help you succeed with fruit flies and keep mites at minimum. Our fruit fly cultures are always very low in mites, but we recommend doing your due diligence to keep your cycle clean.

Please review our fruit fly care sheet for additional information. 

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