Ceratophrys sp. - Pac Man Frog - Green

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Ceratophrys sp. - standard green morph

Please email for group pricing, individual pictures, and any other questions at sales@frogdaddy.net.

Ceratophrys sp. are native to South America. These frogs are great for beginners as they eat readily, are fairly easy going, and overall don't do too much. Do NOT house Pacman frogs together or with other animals, they must be kept alone. A 10 gallon enclosure with a half screen, half glass lid is best, as it allows you to have ample room for your Pacman and allows for a larger water dish, which some like to use. Water dishes must be cleaned daily or every other day as some use it for bathroom purposes. Toward 3/4 max size, at about 8 months old, we recommend upgrading to an 18x18x18 Exo Terra or a 20 gallon enclosure. We recommend using 1 part FloraBoost and 1 part organic top soil for the substrate if going bioactive, if not, you may use Eco Earth, but it must be changed out biweekly. The frogs we sell are well started juveniles and sub adults, all of which are on a staple diet of crickets, Dubia roaches, hornworms, and sometimes vertebrates like mice if they are old enough. If and when you begin feeding vertebrates, we recommend adding a heating element like a mat to one side of the enclosure to aid in digestion. We recommend dusting your feeders with Repashy Calcium Plus every feeding due to Pacmans not getting UVB. They must be fed 1-2x a week, depending on how much you feed and what you feed. We recommend at least 2x a week, and feed as much as they will consume readily. You may need to adjust depending on your pet's needs. If you must handle your Pacman, do NOT put you hand in front of their face, simply scoop them up carefully from behind, moving your hands through the substrate until you are gently cupping your Pacman. Putting your hand in front of their face can result in bites. Bites from adults can draw blood.

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