Sycamore Leaves (Platanus)

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Sycamore Leaves (Platanus) - C grade leaves

Sycamore leaves from pesticide / herbicide free locations. Fully desiccated. These leaves are most often between 3" - 6" long, and are light brown / yellow in color when fully dried, but can range in color and size. Only dried leaves will be shipped.

Leaf litter is useful for dart frogs for hiding, preventing stress, and even egg-laying sites. Burr oak leaves are thinner than most commercially available leaf litter, and decay quickly in a vivarium. The habitat that dart frogs are naturally found in contains a deep layer of leaf litter, so it is important to mimic this inside a vivarium for more naturalistic behavior! These leaves are very good for isopod cultures and grow out tanks!

FrogDaddy leaf grades:

C - Leaves with some breaks and tears. Some have many imperfections. Thick cuticle leaves are not cleaned or sterilized; they are simply sorted. Thin cuticle leaves may be dirty, and are sorted but done so quickly and may contain moderate amounts of debris.

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