Begonia 'Buttercup' (staudtii x prismatocarpa)

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Begonia 'Buttercup' (staudtii x prismatocarpa) is one of our personal favorites due to it combining everything we love about both parent plants! It is a moderate growing species of Begonia. It is prized amongst collectors for the bullate texture on its saucer-like leaves, and very small leaves! This is a fantastic candidate for terrariums. It does well in moderate, indirect light and moderate to high humidity, but appreciates airflow. Moist soil and sphagnum moss are helpful for rooting this species.

All of our cuttings have adventitious, aerial roots. Our rooted specimens will have at least a few active roots and will be established plants. Our plants are grown in high humidity in terrariums and greenhouses, therefore may need acclimation to the average home humidity / environment. Please contact us for acclimation information if you are not planning to use this plant in a terrarium, greenhouse, or humid room. 


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