18" x 18" Replacement CNC PRINTED LID

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Used to convert screen lids to glass
Manufactured by Frogs N Frags.
Picture 1: Lid assembled, without glass
Picture 2: Lid how it will be shipped

This lid was designed to fit Exo Terra and Zoomed* 18x18 vivarium (18x18 is the "base - i.e. length x width). They have ports for Misting holes as well as an extra for a fan like the ones from Frog Cube. CNC printed lids with external vent covers and punch-in Mist King covers. Vent covers are included separately and can be glued / siliconed in place. The model pictured is our current model. 


*Zoomed vivarium will require you to cut the tabs on the inside of the frame.

**Glass is not included** The glass can be purchased at a local hardware store. Links below to what you'll need.

***Designs are always looking to be updated so they may not look exactly like the photos.

Glass size 12"x16":


Link to glass: https://www.homedepot.com/p/12-in-x-16-in-x-09375-in-Clear-Glass-91216/202091043?MERCH=REC-_-pipsem-_-202091040-_-202091043-_-N&

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