The FrogDaddy Team

Alex Menke, MSc.

CEO, Owner

The founder and visionary of FrogDaddy. Alex has always been captivated by nature, and started his journey to love it as soon as he could crawl. When he was in elementary school, he began collecting plants and insects and putting them into cages. This began a truly monumental movement...albeit how small the action of encapsulating these animals was. Through the years onto college (B.Sc. Biology) and graduate school (M.Sc. Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology), Alex began diving deeper into the world of poison dart frogs and vivariums, creating hundreds of them. After graduate school, Alex taught a variety of courses at Queens University of Charlotte, including Urban Ecology. Alex's lifetime goal is to build biospheres as an extension of the Eden Project or a like-minded company. Alex believes that cultural ecosystem services go beyond that of direct provisions and needs; they provide a sense of awe and wonder that he thinks can save the planet by changing the hearts of humankind. 


William Newell, PhD.

CFO, Co-Owner

A true frog-wrangler and pumilio-lover, William (Bill) spends his days taking care of the 1000+ frogs here at FrogDaddy. Bill has over 25 years of animal experience, 20 of which are specific to poison dart frogs and their husbandry.