FrogDaddy Iso-licious Moss Chow

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FrogDaddy's all natural Iso-licious Moss Chow food is loaded with leaf powder and live moss for your moss-loving species. It is balanced with high protein and carbohydrates. 

*formula has changed from stock image. It will appear slightly different in color. We have switched to more algae and wood-based proteins, fish protein is still present. We will remove this message once new images are taken.

Sold in a 4 oz shaker for convenient feeding. Larger quantities are available.

Moderately dust isopod cultures in a single location 7-10 days, making sure that the mixture is on top of the substrate. Feed as necessary. Master culture size and isopod type will drastically alter amount of food needed.  

Tap gently* on the shaker at a 150 degree angle. This will prevent spillage and allow for accurate feeding.

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